The LightWeaves are created with a variety of threads;
– dyed, non-dyed fibre optic,(side emitting; cracked, fluid
end emitting-PMMA optical cable, LED ribbon
– light yarns-Neon, EL Electro Luminescence), reflective
– Reflective-Hi-Vis(industrial)& Fluorescence
– monofilament for light and transparency,
– enamelled copper=malleability,structure,reflective qualities
– Silks, cottons for fluidity of textiles

Fibre Optic Side Emitting- Light is emitted at various points along the fibre, where the fibre has been purposefully cracked.
This fibre fuses well with other materials for a more elegant effect, both textile based, and when used on their own in geodesic structures.

Fibre Line- Light is continuous and solid throughout length of the fibre.
This creates a bold light effect and more architectural and minimalist.


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