The Brand



Bespoke Handwoven Lighted Textiles- Sculpted in the name of Art, Fashioned with a Passion, Furnished with Flair, all Driven Green by Desire

BUZSAKIStudio Designs, Handweaves Couture Light-Textiles for Art, Interiors,  Movie sets.  Theatrical Costume & Fashion

-Colour & Light installations, Innovative, Elegant designs as a new concept in Sculptural Lighting for Contemporary Living, Public Architectural & Residential Spaces.

Within an architectural public or residential space these pieces form the focal point, enhancing and transforming the ambience with a subtle calming elegance by day and a feast of harmonious rhythmic colour after dark.

-On the Red Carpet, the stage, the wearer becomes the focal point when sporting the ‘A’ collection.

the THREADS OF LIGHT® collection; comprises of;
Colour & Light Installations, Large scale Public Art commissions, Bespoke editions, Collections for high end contemporary Interiors &  Fashion for the Red Carpet.

There are two distinct  designs, those woven on  the loom just fibre optic and monofilalment or fusion of many  threads and the those woven away from the loom.

Pieces HandWoven on the loom can incorporate up to 5,000 individual threads in one metre width

Pieces HandWoven away from the loom formed by adapting with contemporary structures which then form part of the piece the processes involved in handweaving of threading and reeding, are formed into 2- 3d geodesic structures.


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